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Di seguito il foglietto di documentazione che accompagnava il Commodore mouse 1351.


Side one of the disk ( not write protected ) is GEOS formatted and contains Commodore Software ( demo programs ) that is designed to run without GEOS.

Side two ( write protected ) contains the GEOS UPGRADE kit. This side allows users to upgrade their GEOS system disk from V1.2 to V1.3, which is neccesary to properly
use the GEOS mouse driver.

Non—Geos Users

Run the menu program by typing:

LOAD ”0:*”,8 <return>
RUN <return>

Demos are available for the C64, and for the C128. Press the appropriate key to make a selection. Assembly language drivers are also available on the disk. They
can be loaded by several commercially available editors for use in your own assembly language programs.

GEOS Users

1. Power up your 1351 mouse in joystick mode ( See the 1351 Users Manual ). Load your regular GEOS disk, and then the enclosed GEOS UPGRADE disk.
2. Select UPGRADE by double clicking on the Upgrade icon and follow the directions on the screen. It takes GEOS a few minutes to update your system disk.
3. Open the GEOS menu by moving to the top left corner and clicking on GEOS.
4. Move down the menu, and click on SELECT INPUT.
5. Move into the input selection window to click on COMM 1351 to use the mouse with GEOS.
6. Reset your 1351 to proportional mode by unplugging the 1351 and carefully reconnecting.

GEOS defaults to the mouse driver when you follow these steps:
1. Drag the joystick icon down past the page border.
2. Select page 5 of the DeskTop by clicking on the ”Page Back” symbol in the lower left corner of page 1.
3. Drag the joystick icon up to page 5 so that it follows the 1351 mouse driver.Now, if you activate the SELECT INPUT driver menu, the list of input drivers will reflect the new order. GEOS, when booted, will default to the first input driver on the list. In this case, the default driver will be COMM 1351. The software allows you not only to install the 1351 mouse driver on your system disk, but also supplies new improved versions of the deskTop, GEOWRITE, and an array of new improved printer drivers. In addition, new single stroke keyboard commands exist to activate certain menu options:

C= I  — To make an INPUT selection.
C= O — To OPEN a disk.
C= C — To CLOSE a disk.

IMPORTANT: Be certain to read the second paragraph in the”README” file on the newly created system disk. It contains information regarding how to use V1.3 with
your V1.2 work disks.The GEOS upgrade kit is supplied as a service of Berkeley Softworks. It is a preliminary release intended to add to the usefulness of your GEOS product. The upgrade is copy protected, but may be freely reused to update anybody’s GEOS system disk.
For Customer Support with this software product, please call:

Berkeley Softworks
2150 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, California
94 704(415)—644—0890

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